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October 2020

October 30, 2020 - October 31, 2020
Albert Schweitzer House Schwarzspanierstrasse 13
Vienna, 1090

Many people think that it is easy to love and form a stable bond if only the right partner can be found. However, the fact that there are always difficult moments and unresolvable differences in every relationship then often leads to relationship breakdown and further search for a "better fitting" partner. Only a few question their own "ability to love" (term taken from Erich Fromm) or consider how they can develop this ability. This workshop will focus on the one hand on...

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March 2023

March 3, 2023 - March 4, 2023
Room9 Alser street 26
Vienna, 1090 Austria

  Different treatment methods have been developed for the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and complex trauma sequelae, which differ, among other things, in the treatment focus (primarily exposure vs. restructuring/overwriting). The integrative schematherapeutic treatment approach conveyed here in a practice-oriented manner includes several imagination sessions in the "trauma-specific" treatment phase, which deviate from the "classical" schematherapeutic imagination. The advantage of this integrative schema-therapeutic treatment approach lies above all in the combination of an exposure phase with two longer modification phases, in which patients can use the therapist's model to disempower and disidentify perpetrator introspections and functional...

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Dezember 2023

15. Dezember, 2023 - 16. Dezember, 2023

  The founder of schema therapy, J. Young, originally developed the mode model for the challenging work with clients with borderline and narcissistic personality disorder. The focus of this in-depth workshop is to provide an understanding of the occurrence and development of typical schemas, modes and coping strategies in these clients. In this way, the difficult behaviors and interactional problems of the clients - which also occur regularly during therapy - can be conceptualized in the mode model and further therapeutic action strategies can be derived. When working with these clients...

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März 2024

1. März - 2. März
Therapy Center Borschkegasse Borschkegasse 15/15
Vienna, 1090

  Ein Schwerpunkt dieses Workshops liegt auf der Vertiefung der Arbeit in der therapeutischen Beziehung. Sie erfahren mehr über den Einsatz der empathischen Konfrontation, einer angemessenen Selbstoffenbarung oder über das angemessene Begrenzen von Patienten. Sie lernen, mit Schwierigkeiten in der Behandlung umzugehen, die aus der Aktivierung eigener Schemata resultieren. Ziel ist es, eigene Schemata zu erkennen und zu berücksichtigen, wenn sie in der Therapiesitzung getriggert werden. Weiterhin konzentriert sich der Workshop auf den Umgang mit schwierigen Therapiesituationen, z. B. wenn Patient(inn)en wegen eines…

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