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Chronische Depression in der Schematherapie 2024

28. Juni - 29. Juni
Borschkegasse 15/15
Vienna, 1090

This in-depth workshop is designed to teach psychotherapists the basics of schema-therapeutic treatment of depressed patients. The aim is to transfer schema-therapeutic concepts to work with depressives and to gain practical experience and guidance for everyday therapeutic practice.

As a theoretical basis, a schema-therapeutic model of depression will be presented at both the schema and mode levels, and participants will be given individual examples of the influence of early maladaptive schemas in the development as well as maintenance of depression.

Building on the individual case conceptualization, the goal of the schema-therapeutic intervention model is to change depressogenic coping strategies in dealing with early maladaptive schemas into adaptive strategies as well as a focus on meeting essential basic needs.

In addition to the classical contents of cognitive behavioral therapy, the focus is placed on emotion activation and regulation as well as corrective relationship experiences. In order to strengthen therapeutic skills in a targeted manner, training is provided in small groups on how to deal with dysfunctional coping modes specific to depression, using both acutely depressed patients and chronically depressed patients as examples.



Dr. Alexandra Schosser


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Event CategoryIn-depth seminar


Address: Borschkegasse 15/15
Vienna, 1090

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Lecturer(s): Dr. Alexandra Schosser

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Date and time Friday from 16:00 to 20:00, Saturday from 9:00 to 16:30