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9th ISST Curriculum Schema Therapy Basic Curriculum ST4: Case Conception, Therapy Planning, Therapeutic Relationship (14 units)

March 19, 2021 - March 20, 2021
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The schema therapy case conception is a central element of the schema therapy process. It is created together with the patient at the beginning of the therapy from the anamnestic data and, if necessary, the questionnaire results. On the one hand, this consolidates the working relationship and allows important information to be communicated to the patients. On the other hand, in the further course of therapy, the case concept serves as a common point of reference to which both can refer in schema activation situations and thereby achieve clarification of the process. Important aspects for the design of the whole therapy as well as individual lessons are taught. On the second day, the handling of avoidant-distanced and overcompensating patients is practiced in small groups.

Raffaella Calzoni


1. Tag: 19. März, 2021
2. Tag: 20. März, 2021
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Place: online
Address: Webinar
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Lecturer(s): Raffaella Calzoni

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Datum und Uhrzeit 19. März 2021 (16-20:15 Uhr), 20. März 2021 (9-17:30 Uhr)