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WEBINAR Curriculum Schema Therapy with Children and Adolescents in Vienna / WS2: ST for Children and Adolescents

September 2 - September 3

WS 2: Schema therapy in childhood and adolescence

The goal of this workshop is to concretely learn the techniques of schema therapy with children, adolescents and parents (Part 1).

After a short connection to the schematic theoretical introduction and the exchange of first experiences in practice (WS 1), the focus will be on the specifics in shaping relationships with the balance of appreciative "limited reparenting" and empathic confrontation as well as the practical work with the special schematic therapeutic techniques.

Mode work related to parents using chairs, finger¬puppets, imagination work, creating schema and mode memos, Inner Dialogues, and working with the schema or mode diary will also be started and continued in WS 3.

An important part is also the self-awareness of the therapists: For this purpose, a schema and mode diagnostic is offered on a voluntary basis and is conducted anonymously. The results of each therapist can then be used in small group work, if desired, to make them aware of their own "emotional buttons" and vulnerabilities in their therapeutic work with the children and their parents.

Video examples and role-plays in a pair or three-person setting ensure that what has been learned is consolidated and deepened. In detail, the following contents and methods are planned:

o Fulfillment of basic needs with the help of parent stories
o Mode work with finger puppets or similar material
o Use of the mode card set (Graaf; Beltz-Verlag)
o Special features in ST with adolescents (e.g., schema or mode rap)
o Modus memo (creation and use)
o Chair dialogue with children (three-chair dialogue)
o Imaginations (e.g., Journey to Clever Mode)



Course costs: see WS1

Dr. Eva Dresbach


Day 1: September 2
2nd day: September 3


Place: online
Address: Webinar


Lecturer(s): Dr. Eva Dresbach

Additional info

Date and time Sept. 2, 2022 (2-8 p.m.), Sept. 3, 2022 (8:30 a.m.-6 p.m.)