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11th ISST Curriculum Schema Therapy Basic Curriculum ST2: Imagination Exercises, Schema Memo and Diary (14 units)

29. April, 2022 - 30. April, 2022
Alser street 26
Vienna, 1090 Austria
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In this workshop, schema activation through imagining, cognitive reappraisal using the schema mode memo, and in the design of behavioral experiments through diaries will be learned and practiced in small groups.

Dozentinnen: Dr. Andrea Kucera und Dr. Alexandra Schosser


Dr. Andrea Kucera


1. Tag: 29. April, 2022
2. Tag: 30. April, 2022


Location: Room9
Address: Alser Strasse 26
Vienna, 1090 Austria

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Vortragende/r: Dr. Andrea Kucera

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Datum und Uhrzeit 29. April (16-20:30 Uhr), 30. April (8:30-16:00 Uhr)