ST bei chronischer Depression (NEU!)

Dozentin: Priv.-Doz. Dr. Alexandra Schosser, PhD. MBA 

Vertiefungsworkshop lt. ISST-Richtlinien (12 AE)

11. Oktober 2019 (ab 16:00) / 12. Oktober 2019 (bis 16:30)

Kursort: Karmelitergasse 5, 1020 Wien



Kosten: 220,- EUR (excl. MwSt.) 

Schematherapie-Curriculum 2019/2020

ST-Curriculum 2019/20 ausgebucht!


Start des nächsten Lehrganges im September 2020 (ST-1) - Termine folgen in Kürze!

Fort- und Weiterbildungsveranstaltung gemäß § 33 Psychologengesetz 2013

Schematherapie-Paare-Curriculum 2019/20

Fort- und Weiterbildungsveranstaltung gemäß § 33 Psychologengesetz 2013

Begrenzte Teilnehmerzahl!



Bindung, Intimität und Lust in der Schematherapie

Dozentin: Dr. Eva Frank-Noyon

Vertiefungsworkshop lt. ISST-Richtlinien (12 AE)

13. März 2020 (ab 16:00) / 14. März 2020 (bis 16:30)

Kursort: Zentrum für Seelische Gesundheit LEOpoldau, Schererstrasse 30, 1210 Wien



Kosten: 288,- EUR (incl. MwSt.) 

Curriculum Schematherapie mit Kindern und Jugendlichen (Wien)

NEU im IST-W 2020: Curriculum Schemaberatung und SchemaCoaching

Maike Baumann und Anke Handrock


19.-20. Juni 2020                 Block I   Grundlagen - Schemata und Modi in Aktion mit Maike Baumann

18.-19. September 2020     Block II  Grundlegende Interventionen mit Dr. Anke Handrock

20.,21-22. November 2020 Block III Komplexe Interventionen mit Dr. Anke Handrock


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Umgang mit Affären

Eva Frank-Noyon


voraussichtlich Februar 2021

Gruppen Schematherapie 2019

Joan Farrell & Ida Shaw

NEU: erneut in Planung für 2021

Condensed Introduction - Learning Objectives:

the goal is for the therapists to have mastery of the basic adaptations of Schema Therapy interventions for use in groups. 


1.     Understand the structural, theoretical and content model of group schema therapy (GST)

2.     Understand and be able to implement limited reparenting in a group.

3.     Understand how to adapt schema mode change work for group use

            4.     Be able to establish safety and connection in the group setting. 


Advanced Group-Schematherapy - Learning Objectives:                                                     

the goal of the advanced workshop is for therapists to have mastery of the core interventions of GST at the advanced level i.e. ability to meet the requirements of the Group ST Rating Scale. This will allow them to conduct GST with a less intense level of supervision. 


1.     Be skilled at managing the necessary safe and reliable frame of GST.

2.     Be able to do imagery rescripting in the group.

3.     Be able to conduct multiple patient mode role plays

4.     Understand and be able to employ symbols and transitional objects that match the developmental levels of the group when in child modes and for reparenting.

5.     Be able to employ limit setting and empathic confrontation in groups.

6.     Be able to create opportunities in sessions for Happy child mode play.

7.     Help patients develop and strengthen their healthy adult mode


Self-Practice Day - Learning Objektives:

the goal of the self-practice day is to give therapists the experience of Group Schema Therapy interventions as a member of the group. This experience of ST from the inside out provides both personal benefit and a deeper understanding of patient's experience leading to improved empathy and attunement.